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Euridyce launches Eurypedia

The Eurydice Network provides information on and analyses of European education systems and policies. Euridyce is now working on a new product: Eurypedia. Eurypedia provides exhaustive information on 38 school and university systems. Whether for understanding a specific education system or for analysing an education issue at European level. The first version is currently under completion. It is possible to give feedback on this version.
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UNESCO Member States adopt Seoul Agenda

The Seoul Agenda: Goals for the Development of Arts Education was adopted unanimously by UNESCO Member States at the 36th Session of the General Conference in Paris on November 4, 2011. The Seoul Agenda was the outcome of UNESCO's Second World Conference on Arts Education in Seoul in May 2010. Also at the General Conference, a Resolution was adopted to designate the fourth week in May as International Week of Arts Education. This annual commemorative week will begin in 2012.
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Malta introduces Culture Card

While the Dutch government abolishes the culture card for students in secondary education, Malta introduces a culture card, very similar to the Dutch version. The Maltese Culture Card is a ‘new' initiative to encourage young people to fall in love with culture. The card will credit around 15,000 young people in the first three years of secondary school with €15 to be utilised for cultural activities and artistic productions. The Maltese government also launches KREATTIV, a new funding programme that brings creative practitioners into schools to work with teachers and students.

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EC sets up European Expert Network on Culture

The European Commission has set up a European Expert Network on Culture (EENC). The general objective is to contribute to the improvement of policy development in Europe, through the setting-up of an effective network of leading European experts on culture. The Network will advise and support the Commission in the analysis of culture policies and their implications at national, regional and European levels. The Commission has entrusted the Network to a consortium led by Interarts and Culture Action Europe.

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Campaign 'we are more' launched

Culture Action Europe, the umbrella advocacy organisation for the arts and culture in Europe, launched the we are more campaign to influence the EU political negotiations on the next budget (2014-2020). The goal of the campaign is to contribute to a strengthened recognition of the role of arts and culture in the development of our European societies. The concrete campaign objectives focus on improving the quality and quantity of support that the sector receives from EU policy.

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