1.2.3 Programmes, incentives, funds, etc.

The provincial authorities have developed a variety of programmes and incentives for arts and cultural education and mediation of the arts. Here we will only present a few examples.

In the mission statement of Upper Austria the government names the following programmes and initiatives.

'Arts and cultural education in Upper Austria is promoted by supporting artistic encounters in schools through high-quality training programmes for teachers. Additionally, the Upper Austrian Organisation for Adult Education [Volksbildungswerk], the Academy for Folklore [Akademie der Volkskultur] the Upper Austrian Vocal Academy, the Adult Education Centres [Volkshochschule], libraries and provincial education centres [Landesbildungszentren] are important 'local providers' for education and culture, offering customised education and culture programmes.' (Amt der oberösterreichischen Landesregierung, 2008, p. 21)Music schools [Musikschule]Apart from offering music education  in schools some provinces like Upper Austria are running music schools to train young people in the different genres of music. In other provinces like Lower Austria the administrative institutions for music schools are the municipalities.Secondary music schoolsSpecific to Austria are the 96 lower secondary music schools [Musikhauptschulen], most of them situated in Styria, Upper and Lower Austria (Mann 2007). The Musikhauptschulen usually offer between 20-24 music lessons weekly over a period of four years, including one instrumental lesson and one instrumental or vocal ensemble lesson. Additionally, there are more than 100 elementary schools with a focus on music education [Musikerziehung].