1.2.8 Good Practices


The Theater der Jugend provides access to theatre, music and literature for young people. Cultural activities in and out of school are initiated and supported. This programme is part of Akzente Salzburg, an initiative of the province of Salzburg which aims to foster creativity and personal responsibility of young people and provides a wide range of services, mainly in youth work outside of school. It strongly cooperates with the youth department of the province of Salzburg.
Akzente Salzburg

zooming culture

In 2008 the province of Burgenland started the initiative 'zooming culture'. Its goal is to foster young people's creativity and to provide a platform for their talents. The focus of zooming culture is on young art for young people. Every year workshops and contests (mainly photography) are organized.
zooming culture

Creative Academies in Lower Austria [Kreativakademien]

To foster creativity in young people the province of Lower Austria founded the so-called Creative Academies. In Creative Academies young people can take courses in painting, writing, acting, journalism and forging. While Music Schools have a long tradition in Austria, Lower Austria's offering this kind of out-of-school cultural activity is very new and unique.