1.2.4 Funding

In Austria the provinces have each developed very different structures to promote arts and cultural education in schools, which makes it difficult to compare them.

In Burgenland and Tyrol the administration of grants and finance is a cultural service [Kulturservicestellen] provided by the state education authority [Landesschulrat]. The structure in Salzburg is twofold: the cultural department of the city of Salzburg [Abteilung Kultur und Schule der Stadt Salzburg] is responsible for the funding of municipal general schools, and the cultural department of the province of Salzburg [Kulturabteilung des Landes] is responsible for the funding of all other schools. In Upper Austria too it is the cultural department of the state [Landeskulturdirektion] that funds arts and cultural education in schools.

Two of the provincial cultural services are portrayed exemplarily: 

Tyrol's culture service

Tyrol's culture service [Tiroler Kulturservicestelle, TKS], founded in 1974 as part of the state education authority, aims to promote the arts, especially through encounters between artists and pupils, and especially in the rural and mountainous areas of the province. Therefore, TKS mainly sponsors small events, for example readings by authors, workshops with musicians, dansers and actors, visits to museums etc. Until the summer of 2007 TKS made almost 38.000 events possible. Every school year an annual programme with more than 200 different events is sent to Tyrol's schools which then can choose the events they are interested in. TKS bears most of the expenses and takes care of most of the organisation.
Tiroler KulturservicestelleVorarlberg's culture serviceThe goal of Vorarlberg's culture service [vorarlberger kulturservice, vks] is to establish arts and culture education at every school in the province of Vorarlberg. Through vks all relevant educational and cultural institutions are linked. The service provides coaching and financial support for schools in various disciplines, such as dance, visual arts, architecture, theatre and music. Similar to Tyrol's culture service, vks' main focus is on cooperation between schools and cultural institutions. vks is situated at the teacher training college [Pädagogische Hochschule] in Feldkirch and is an initiative of the Landesschulrat Vorarlberg and KulturKontakt Austria. voralberger kulturserviceIn Styria artists and teachers have established an association for the promotion of arts education that is funded by the Federation [Bund], the province [Land] and the city of Graz.As in the budget plans of the provinces cultural education is not explicitly mentioned there are no data available.