1.1.6 International exchange

On a political-administrative level Austria tries to promote cultural education [kulturvermittlung] internationally since the first Austrian EU-presidency in 1998 when a European Conference "Creativity, Arts and Education" was organised. As a result the implementation of an arts and education network started.Also during the second EU-presidency, Austria focused on cultural education when it organised another conference "Promoting Cultural Education: A Contribution to Creativity, Innovation and Participation" in 2006.Austria is a member of the Arts and Education Network of European Civil Servants working in the field of Education and Culture (ACE Network) and contributes to the Eurydice Program to make comparisons in the field of cultural education possible.International exchange also takes place on institutional level (e.g. between schools and cultural institutions). As there are no data available the range of international exchange cannot be estimated in terms of magnitude and sustainablility.