3.6 Evaluation and monitoring

Culture reports

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture [Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur] publishes annual culture reports [Kulturberichte]. The report covers annual arts and culture activities and expenditure belonging to national responsibility. It is edited by staff of the culture department [Kunstsektion]. The Cultural Promotion Acts for all the provinces (except Vienna) stipulate the establishment of advisory boards and the publication of a report on the expenditure on the arts and culture.  Subsidy reports are available, except for Upper Austria, which publishes one chapter [Art and Kultus] in the general annual promotion report of the country. In 2007, a survey [Kultur-Monitoring] was carried out to document the cultural behaviour of the Austrian population, commissioned by the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture. Amateur arts [Amateurkunst], although they play a major role especially in the regional culture in Austria, have not been surveyed and assessed by academic research so far.(Sources: culturalpolicies.net; Kulturbericht, BMUKK (2007), (2008), (2009); Kultur-Monitoring (2007)).