2.4.2 Infrastructure

Regional, local and national organisations and networks support arts education activities in schools. Besides many activities are realised on the initiative of individual cultural institutions or schools. This makes it challenging to create an overview covering the infrastructure as a whole.

KulturKontakt Austria

KulturKontakt Austria (KKA) [KulturKontakt Austria] is the Austrian centre of competence for arts & cultural education, cultural dialogue and educational cooperation with Eastern and South East Europe. It is a non-profit making organisation and has three programme departments which work on a national level: arts & cultural education, educational cooperation and cultural promotion & sponsoring. KulturKontakt Austria initiates, organises and supports various projects.KulturKontakt Austriakuk:izkuk:iz is a centre that aims at setting impulses for art, culture and media in technical and vocational schools and colleges. Established by the Viennese education authority [Stadtschulrat für Wien], its main goals are to foster creativity and other key competences by promoting arts and cultural activities in schools.kuk:izKUS - Network for education, social action, sports and cultureNetwork aiming at fostering creativity and intercultural understanding in students in vocational education. Numerous activities such as competitions, projects and courses are offered to apprentices. Several activities are offered particularly in Vienna, but take place in other provinces as well. They are mostly free or low of cost.KUSCultural institutionsMany cultural institutions in Austria offer education programmes for schools. A special initiative started when all federal museums became free of cost for young people under 19 at the beginning of 2010. Participating museums had to develop education programmes in order to get funding by the Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture [Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur]. They were supported by KulturKontakt Austria.Kulturvermittlung mit Schulen in BundesmuseenNetworks of teachersMusic education teachers can join AGMÖ [Arbeitsgemeinschaft Musikerziehung Österreich], a union-like network which organises conferences and is constantly working on the development of music education. A similar network exists for teachers of visual arts and technical crafts: BÖKWE [Berufsverband österreichischer Kunst- und Werkerzieher/innen].AGMÖBÖKWE