2.4.9 Good practices in upper secondary and vocational education

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This programme in the context of the European Capital of Culture Linz 2009 aimed at bringing together schools and the performing arts. During an 8-week-period more than 30 teams of international and national artists worked with more than 1000 students from 5th grade upwards and their teachers in Upper Austria. The project took place during regular school hours and often resulted in public performances (Linz 2009 Kulturhauptstadt Europas, 2008, p. 7). To quote the website:

At the centre of their work will be the enjoyment of and enthusiasm for artistic work and for the commitment of all participants to an artistic process whose results cannot be guaranteed. This sets in motion a spirit of creativity the best results of which will be fostered carefully to give a boost to teachers and pupils. The encounter between school and art offers the possibility of transcending barriers and gaining new perspectives.
Linz 09kreativ & innovativThis brochure and webpage created by the Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture lists numerous projects and initiatives in Austria that aim at fostering pupils' interest in innovative and creative processes.kreativ & innovativOsterfestspiele Salzburg: Zukunft@BphilZukunft@Bphil is the name of the education project of the Berliner Philharmoniker. And since the Berliner Philharmoniker performed Richard Wagner's "Der Ring der Nibelungen" at the Osterfestspiele in Salzburg they also made a music project with students of different academic secondary and vocational schools and colleges of the region. The students participated as musicians, actors, singers, composers and writers. The project resulted in a film which was presented during the festival.Osterfestspiele SalzburgZukunft@BphilSag's multiSag's multi is a multilingual rhetoric competition, initiated by Verein Wirtschaft für Integration and organised by EDUCULT, and took place for the first time in the school year 2009/10. Over 100 Viennese students with a migration background mixed their mother tongue and German in self-written speeches. The students who were between 13 and 19 years old had to convince a professional jury. Due to the great success of the project, Sag's multi will be repeated in 2010/11.Sag's multiVerein Wirtschaft für Integration