2.4.6 Evaluation and monitoring in upper secondary and vocational education

There is no real tradition in Austria to produce empirically based evidence for cultural education in upper secondary and vocational education. Nowadays there are more and more intentions to do so, but Austria is faced with a lack of power to carry out these evaluations and a lack of financial support. Recently some empirically based evidence research was started. Besides a few pilot programmes have been evaluated as well as some associations and institutions working in the field of cultural education.

EDUCULT, the Austrian centre of expertise for research in arts and cultural education in Vienna, has carried out a number of research and evaluation projects.
EDUCULTEvaluation of national arts education programmesp[ART], the national programme to foster sustainable cooperation between schools and cultural institutions, supported by KulturKontakt Austria [KulturKontakt Austria], has been evaluated. The evaluation focused on the effects of the partnership on the students involved (KulturKontakt Austria, 2010).Macht|schule|theater, a national theater programme which aims at collaboration between schools and theatres supported by the Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture [Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur], has been evaluated by EDUCULT in 2010. The evaluation focused on the process and structure of the collaboration between the institutions involved.Macht|schule|theater