2.6.5 International exchange (teachers training)

The university colleges of education and the music and art universities have their own departments for international exchanges. Bilateral and multinational exchange projects are an integral part of the artistic-cultural teaching and study culture. The international activities include incomings and outgoings of tutors and students, international study weeks, visits and return visits of touring concert groups and soloists, of graphic artists in workshops, exhibitions and more.

The university colleges, music and art universities have developed special profiles with regard to their international activities:

  • The music pedagogy department of the University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna was leading in the production of a European document on Learning Outcomes in Music Education in the framework of the European Network for Communication and Knowledge Management of musical education (meNet).
  • The University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz is involved- together with the Austrian Art and Technical Teachers Professional Association - in the International Society for Education in the Arts (INSEA) and its World Conference 2011 as World Council Regional Representative.
  • The Mozarteum University has a Centre for Polyaesthetics, which from a music-pedagogic point of view brings the aims of Polyaesthetic Education into research and teaching and is regularly involved in the international symposia of the International Society for Polyaesthetic Education.
    Musikp├Ądagogik Salzburg

Information about other projects and their details can be found on the websites of the institutions.

Financial incentives for international activities

The university colleges of education as well as the music and art universities use subsidies from the European Union. The cultural departments of the federal states give grants in individual cases to performing groups for international mobility. International cultural projects that originate from a network of continuing professional development activities in university colleges of education are occasionally supported financially.