2.6.4 Evaluation, monitoring

The Austrian Science Council was commissioned to draw up an Exposé: Recommendation for the development of art universities in Austria at the start of the Year of creativity and innovation in Europe. The Science Council recommends in the reorganisation of the area of teacher education to take into account the increasing double role of graduates to be pedagogically and artistically active.

Positively highlighted are those programmes of study that place value on students, in addition to their teaching qualifications, having wide ranging competences for jobs in the promotion of artistic, art and cultural scientific areas.
(Austrian Science Council, 2009, 47 f).

For the research and development of arts the exposé includes concrete recommendations (Austrian Science Council, 2009, 62 ff) as well as detailed statistical material.

The report complies with the recommendation of the European Union's Working Plan Culture 2008-2010 towards synergies with education, especially art education, through Pursuing stronger synergies between culture and education in the framework of a working group to be convened as soon as possible.
(Information from the Institutions and Bodies of the European Union 2008)

The department for university colleges of education of the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture [BM: UKK] [Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur] appointed a Music Education Working Group. One of several aims of the working group is the current challenge to music education of adequately embedding music cultural and artistic education in the curricula of all university colleges of education, the development of a music pedagogical profile of competence for those graduates and the consequent continuing professional development of music teaching staff. In addition the courses are subject to the same guidelines (usually obligatory) as the internal and external evaluations of university programmes of study.