2.5.5 Teaching methods for special needs education

The freedom to choose teaching methods is at the discretion of the teacher.
(Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur 2008d, p. 5)

Much importance is placed on working with individual support plans in special needs schools. Expert interviews confirm the tangible consideration of this in practice.
(Expert interviews, 2010)

Music integrated into other subjects has a special importance.
(Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur 2008d, p. 4 f; p. 10).

More art and culture in schools

On the whole the government's 2007-2010 programme plans to implement more art and culture in schools: 'The federal government wants to support cultural participation and to take measures to strengthen cultural education. That means on the one hand more art and culture in schools and the development of new forms of cultural exchange ways to teach culture in conjunction with cultural establishments, taking existing resources into account'.
(Bundeskanzleramt [Chancellor's Office], 2007, p. 156)

Educational guidelines for culture

The area of special needs education is not subject to any educational guidelines for culture. Trends such as crafts and drumming courses are becoming more and more popular.
(Expert interviews, 2010).

The role of textbooks

Many special needs teachers dispense with textbooks in arts and cultural Education so as not to be under the influence of the curriculum.
(Expert interviews, 2010)