2.5.2 Infrastructure for special needs education

Regional, local and national organisations and networks support arts education activities in schools, including those offering education for children with special needs. Besides many activities are realised on the initiative of individual cultural institutions or schools. This makes it challenging to create an overview covering the infrastructure as a whole.

KulturKontakt Austria

KulturKontakt Austria [KulturKontakt Austria], the centre of competence for arts and cultural education, plays a central role in the teaching of culture in that the institute initiates, communicates and organises particular projects in which artists, dancers, choreographers, etc. cooperate with school in cultural projects.Kulturkontakt AustriaCentres for the artsIn the late 1980s and early 1990 education departments were installed in museums and more and more special cultural education programmes for children were developed. Other cultural institutions, such as concert halls and theatres followed. This resulted in a rich infrastructure for education programmes for children.Cultural NetworksTanz an Schulen [Network Dance in schools]In 2009 KulturKontakt Austria in cooperation with University Sportscentre Vienna [Sportinstitut der Universität Wien] founded the Austria-wide network Tanz an Schulen to provide a platform for educators and contemporary dancers (KulturKontakt Austria, 2009, p. 6).Tanz an SchulenForum:Bildende Kunst [Visual Arts Forum for the mediation of the visual arts]The Forum:Bildende Kunst is a competence centre for visual arts at the university college of education in Upper Austria. Schools can book cooperation programmes with artists such as dialogues, workshops, visits in ateliers etc. Schools can get financial support.Forum:Bildende KunstNetworks of teachersMusic education teachers can join AGMÖ [Arbeitsgemeinschaft Musikerziehung Österreich], a union-like network which organises conferences and is constantly working on the development of music education. A similar network exists for teachers of visual arts and technical crafts: BÖKWE [Berufsverband österreichischer Kunst- und Werkerzieher/innen].AGMÖBÖKWEEducational facilities outside regular educationMost special needs centres for children with special educational needs employ coordinators for cultural work and cultural projects.