2.5.9 Good practices in special needs education

Projekt Europa

The creativity project Projekt Europa is Austria's annual contribution to Europe at School. The regular participation of special needs institutions is detailed on the document website. Themes such as Equal Opportunities [Equal Opportunities for All? Ideal und Realität] and Inside/Outside: Right in the middle. Creative without exclusion are especially appealing to schools with children with special needs.
ProjektEuropap[ART]The national cultural teaching programme p[ART] Partnerships between schools and cultural establishments was established by KulturKontakt Austria [KulturKontakt Austria] 2008 under the auspices of the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture [Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur]. The Tanztatelier Wien cooperates in a dance project with the p[ART] programme with the federal institute for hearing impaired education - Educational centre for audio-impaired and hearing children.Bundesinstitut für Gehörlosenbilgung (BIG)KulturkontaktMusic to touchMusic to touch is an interdisciplinary cultural programme for children of different age groups. The Project Samba for BIG-Kids of the, Federal Institute for Deaf Education - Educational centre for audio-impaired and hearing children with students from the University for Music and Drama in Vienna allows rhythm to be experienced physically as a stabilising element. You can physically feel the sound of the big surdo-drum.Bundesinstitut für Gehörlosenbilgung (BIG)Musik zum AnfassenMuseum onlineMuseum online supports the examination of the cooperation between arts and culture and museums, artists und schools. More than 460 Austrian schools took part in this from 1995 to 2009. The project The virtual gallery from the Centre for Special Needs in Freistadt opens up the possibility for children with special needs to present their works in an Internet Gallery.Pupils from a Viennese special education centre together with the Historical Museum of Vienna explored "Viennese town histories" within the framework of Museum online and presented their results. (Educult, 2007, 232).Museum onlinesicht:wechselsicht:wechsel '09 was organised by the Association for integrative cultural work as an international integrative cultural festival and interdisciplinary culture symposium in 2009 when Linz was the European Capital of Culture. Regional institutions for helping the handicapped, special schools and representatives from special needs education of the Private University College of Education of the Diocese of Linz worked cooperatively. The Association for integrative cultural work continues to manage the website sicht:wechsel as an information and communications platform for Art from people with disabilities.sicht-wechselYoung and oldIn a project on theatre pedagogy in Salzburg spanning generations children work on forms of expression such as mime, gesture, painting to experience the phenomenon Growing old. In this project the Toihaus Theatre in Salzburg works cooperatively with Special Education Centre 1 and the Itzling Old People's Home with the Croatian actor Jancic.(Educult, 2007, 167).Artroom Hospital - IICC - Ill and Isolated Children ConnectedArtroom Hospital has as its aim to motivate long term seriously ill children in the clinic they are based through art and creativity. In cooperation with the Education Highway - Innovations Centre for Schools and New Technologies, KulturKontakt Austrian and clinics could enable communication from their sickbed during their stay with their school class, with friends and with family via broadband Internet. A child with cancer has in the meantime been able to return to his/her class, with which he/she had had permanent contact. Creative design processes and the communication of such played an important role in this (cf. Educult, 2007, 163 f).The course of the project and the evaluation carried out showed that pupils in hospital were not only motivated positively due to their contact with the outside world and their cultural activity, but that often their psychological state had also stabilised. IICC - Ill and Isolated Children Connected has been running continuously since 2004. Comprehensive details are on the IICC website.ICCCKulturkontakt: Kunstraum KrankenhausEvaluation of the projectEstablishments for children's cultureKuddelmuddel, the Linz Centre for Children's Culture, offers special needs centres continuous cooperation to bring art and culture closer to children with special educational needs.KuddelmuddelSchäxpirThe Upper Austrian Network for Youth Theatre Schäxpir makes it possible for children with special education needs to act on a big stage.(Expert interviews, 2010)Schäxpir organises a biennial youth theatre, the last one in 2009 comprising 150 performances at 17 venues with 51 productions  from 9 countries.SchaexpirLocal Art projectsIn local art projects children with special educational needs work with artists in their school or in open spaces, e.g. underpasses and billboards. The participation of children with special educational needs arises mainly from individual initiatives of the schools attended.(Expert interviews, 2010).The Integration GlobeThe Integration Globe is a social art project by the Linz artist group agens. The art object was completed in Linz and in Hallein in special educational needs centres with sponsorship from the company Synthesa and put on public display.SynthesaHallo ArtHallo Art is a painting project with severely handicapped children by the special educational needs expert Ulrike Knaack. The children create their own paintings from their impressions of masterpieces. A comprehensive project report is contained in the Internet documentation.Phwien.ac.at: Schulische Kulturarbeit, Best Practice