2.2.5 Teaching methods

Within the outlines of the curriculum, teachers in primary schools are free to choose their teaching methods as far as didactics and teaching schedules are concerned. Basic aims, contents and principles of teaching are compulsory. Implementation in detail is left to the responsibility of each teacher (Lehrplan der Volksschule. p. 15 et seq.). No compulsory canon exists beside the curriculum.

School autonomy

Basied on the pinciple of school autonomy, Austrian primary schools are free to set priorities within the field of artistic and cultural education. Examples are schools that focus on artistic and creative education [musisch-kreativ] such as the primary schools in Salzburg Aigen and Wien Schillgasse. Usually these schools offer a greater amount of project-oriented work in the classroom.
Volksschule Aigen
Volksschule Schillgasse

Evaluation of achievements

In musical education, art education, crafts, textile handicrafts and physical education/sports marks are given irrespective of a pupil's artistic disposition, talent or physical abilities (Bundesgesetz über die Ordnung von Unterricht, § 18 par. 8).

Teaching material

Every year the Ministry for Health, Family and Youth [Bundesministerium für Gesundheit, Familie und Jugend] issues a list of approved schoolbooks and teaching materials for the various subjects. Schools are free in choosing textbooks. The government provides these schoolbooks for the pupils free of cost [Schulbuchaktion] (Bundesministerium für Gesundheit, Familie und Jugend, 2009).