2.2.9 Good Practices

Images-rooms, visual dreams

Images-rooms, visual dreams [Bild-Räume, Bildträume] is a comprehensive art education project that was carried out by primary school Lembach in Upper Austria in 2008. The project was supported by Forum:Bildende Kunst. The main aim was to bring out the symbiosis between the visual arts and creative language in three-dimensional installations. In general the primary school Lembach in Upper Austria pointed out a special emphasis on art education.Kunst in der Volksschule LembachMusic to be touchedWithin the framework of Music to be touched [Musik zum Anfassen] students from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna cooperated with the primary schools in projects as "Haydn at the zoo" or "Orchestra to be touched".  Complete list of projects Play-RoomThe project Play-Room [Spielraum, also in the sense of scope] introduced dancing lectures in a Viennese primary school for more than four years. The project, accompanied and evaluated by scientists shows: especially children with social, psychological and physical handicaps profited from this offer. The project supported and stabilized the health of all children in this experimental group (Hagen & Truls, 2002, especially s. p. 70).I like to move it move itTo stimulate dance education the European Cultural Capitol Linz09 initiated the project I like to move it move it that covered the complete area of performing arts. Internationally renowned choreographers, stage directors, actors (actresses) and performers worked with children of different school types in artistic creative productions. Several primary schools participated (www.i-like-to-move-it-move-it.at).Comenius partnershipsThe following 7 Comenius projects were supported by the National Agency for Lifelong Learning [Nationalagentur Lebenslanges Lernen] in the year 2007:

  • Europe with all senses [Europa mit allen Sinnen], of Volksschule Metnitz, that appeals to a culture of celebrating festivities ();
  • Eurosound, of the primary school Volksschule Timelkam and schools in Belgium (Flämisch) and Poland, ();
  • Colour My World, by the primary school Volksschule Weizberg in cooperation with schools in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece and Turkey;
  • Culture Detectives, by the primary school Volksschule Gabelsberger, Graz/Austria in cooperation with schools in Germany, Italy and Poland;
  • Building European Citizenship through the arts, by the primary school Volksschule Deckergasse, Wien in cooperation with schools in Estonia, Finland, Germany and Poland;
  • Sammad - Sharing And Making Music And Dance, by the primary school Volksschule Mater Salvatoris, Wien, in cooperation with schools in Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Poland. 

Similar projects can be found in other years, e.g.

  • We sing, we play, we know each other, by the primary school Volksschule Wals (2003-2005), in cooperation with Cyprus, Greece and Ireland. Among the project's activities were: getting to know Christmas carols from all partner countries, and learning songs and dances from the partner countries. Additionally a brochure on Mozart and musical instruments was designed. Partner schools met in Wals/Austria and Cyprus (more information about this project)
  • Zirkus Europelli - Classroom in the arena [Klassenzimmer in der Manege] (2008-2010) by the primary school Volksschule Neder, Neustift, Tyrol in cooperation with schools in the Czech Republic and Hungary.