2.2.3 Funding

Detailed information about financial government support for cultural education in primary schools is not available.

Role of parents and the public

In general the costs for cultural education are provided by the public and the parents. This was pointed out in the research study Arts Count! [Kulturelle Bildung zählt!], carried out by EDUCULT in 2008/09. The results show that cultural education activities in schools are to a high degree financed by parents and through Schulerhalter [school maintenance]. Depending on the type of school, the budget for Schulerhalter originates from the Austrian Federal State, provincial or local authorities or private providers (e.g. churches). Resources for cultural education also come from sponsors, parents' associations, cultural departments of communities, cities and regions, KulturKontakt Austria and even from European Funding.

Government money for cultural education

In the year 2007 a total of 5 million euro was invested by the Ministry for Education, Culture and the Arts [Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur] in art projects for schoolchildren (National summary sheets on education system in Europe and ongoing reforms. February 2009, p. 10). In 2008 a total of 5.5 million euro was invested in art projects for schoolchildren.

KulturKontakt Austria
KulturKontakt Austria, providing support and giving advice on cultural education projects for schools, is financed by the Federal Government for Education, Arts and Culture. In the year 2008 KulturKontakt Austrias budget for this kind of activities was increased from 1.3 to 1.8 million euro.