2.2.6 Evaluation and monitoring

Kulturelle Bildung zählt! [Arts Count!]

The evaluation Arts Count! [Kulturelle Bildung zählt!] was carried out by EDUCULT in 2009 on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture [ Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur] (EDUCULT, 2009). The evaluation was carried out all over Austria. Questionnaires were sent to the heads of (pre-)primary schools and schools for children with special needs of the grades one to four. More than 1000 schools took part.Central to the evaluation were:

  • the relevance of each subject for cultural education;
  • the influence of the competencies and interests of teachers on the teaching of artistic subjects;
  • the impact of cultural education in general;
  • resources;
  • special emphases on cultural education;
  • courses, projects and events realised during 2009.

ministerial office (EDUCULT, 2007).Dialogue events [Dialogveranstaltungen]The Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Nonprofit Organisations (NPO-Institute) [NPO-Institut - Institut für interdisziplinäre Nonprofit Forschung an der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien] evaluated the dialogue events from 2004/05 and 2005/06.Questionnaires were completed by 409 students, 86 artists and 350 teachers. Results are:

  • Dialog events are able to support students in their personal and artistic development.
  • Students enjoy dialog events, but they do not learn much about contemporary art and foreign cultures.
  • Artists feel comfortable with their roles in dialog events and see many benefits for themselves as well as for students.
  • Teachers and artists alike judge the process and the organization favourably (NPO-Institut, 2007, p. 5-6).

The evaluation showed, that 41% of the participants were children from primary schools, going up to almost 50% if children attending schools with mixed-age-programmes are included (Schober, D. u.a., 2007).Other evaluationsKulturKontakt Austria [KulturKontakt Austria] provides an overview of other programmes related to cultural education that have been evaluated on their website.KulturKontakt.or.at > evaluation