2.1.5 Teaching methods

Choosing teaching methods

Teachers in pre-primary schools are free to choose their own teaching methods and are free to decide on didactics, content and amount of time assigned per subject. Basic methodical principles such as game and play and playful learning is explicitly regulated. (Lehrplan der Volksschule, 2008, p. 78).

The role of publishers: course books for teachers

Apart from teaching methods, publishers offer books to support artistic creative education in pre-primary schools. Almost all course books are published by German publishing companies.
The course books for early music education, e.g. Music and Dance for Children [Musik und Tanz für Kinder] (2007) are didactically structured most thoroughly. They are used in (pre-)primary teaching although they are basically written for music schools and Kindergarten.

Picture books for children

Picture books offer innovating impulses in an artistic respect encouraging visual perception, narrative capability and multi-sensory awareness (Hofbauer, 2009).