2.3.2 Infrastructure

In Austria there are several institutions offering educational support related to cultural education in primary schools.

Support Institutions

KulturKontakt Austria [KulturKontakt Austria]KulturKontakt Austria (KKA) is the Austrian centre of competence for arts & cultural education, cultural dialogue and educational cooperation with Eastern and South East Europe. Set up by the Federal Ministry for Education, it is a non-profit making organisation and has three programme departments which work on a national level: arts & cultural education, educational cooperation and cultural promotion & sponsoring. KulturKontakt Austria initiates, organises and supports various projects. KulturKontakt AustriaCultural institutionsMany cultural institutions in Austria offer education programmes for schools. A special initiative started when all federal museums became free of cost for young people under 19 at the beginning of 2010. Participating museums had to develop education programmes in order to get funding by the Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture [Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur]. They were supported by KulturKontakt Austria.Kulturvermittlung mit Schulen in Bundesmuseen Federal music education working groupThe Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture set up a 'Federal music education working group' [Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Musikerziehung (BAGME)] in 2009. BAGME advises teachers on music education and the organisation of musical activities, offers possibilities for cooperation, "Continuing Professional Development" (CPD) opportunities, provides information on good practices and provides models of cultural education in schools.bagme.at [under construction]Networks of teachersMusic education [Musikerziehung] teachers can join AGMÖ [Arbeitsgemeinschaft Musikerziehung Österreich], a union-like network which organises conferences and is constantly working on the development of music education.A similar network exists for teachers of visual arts [Bildnerische Erziehung] and technical crafts [Technisches Werken]: BÖKWE [Berufsverband österreichischer Kunst- und Werkerzieher] is the professional representative for Art and Technical teachers. BÖKWE is comprehensively and intensively engaged in the qualitative safeguarding and improvement of art education. Its activities encompass primarily CPD, conferences, expertise and intervention in school management.  The intervention is currently concerned with the efficient design of gateways before and after Key Stages 3 and 4 in art and technical education, support for 'imaginative conception'. All this, despite the educational debates on primary cultural techniques, and the cooperation between technical education, natural science and research into learning. (see Innovationen Machen Schulen Top (IMST)). AGMÖIn 2010 BÖKWE conducted a questionnaire survey of  pupils in lower secondary education on their favourite genres in art education. Girls chose photography and boys image editing on the computer as their first choices. Art history was ranked in 11th place by both boys and girls (BÖKWE, 2010). Billmayer issued a publication on the situation regarding art education from the teachers' perspective: 'What can be achieved through art pedagogy?' (Billmayer, 2008). Further arguments on this matter are published by Melbinger Wess & Pirstinger: Pro Arte! Einhundertdreizehn Argumente für die Kunsterziehung (2009).BÖKWEASSITEJ AustriaASSITEJ Austria is the national Austrian organisation operating under the umbrella organisation 'Association International du Théâtre pour L'Enfance et la Jeunesse'. ASSITEJ Austria sees as its task to provide incentives for the improvement of the situation and quality of professional art for children and young people in the whole of Austria.www.assitej.at Drama pedagogy and drama education in AustriaThe coordination of school theatre work for lower secondary education is taken up by the central drama working group. For upper secondary education it is organised by the drama working group.atheaterwien.atwww.oebvtheater.atMusic information center austria [MICA]MICA, the "music information center Austria" is a comprehensive information centre for musicians. MICA has access to information databases and services. Data about music education in schools is implemented.musicaustria.atRegional networks for the promotion of cultureSome federal states have established regional networks to promote culture. As one of the first federal states Salzburg established the "Akzente Salzburg" network.Akzente SalzburgAkzente Salzburg is an association which, with the support of the federal state of Salzburg, brings culture into schools and introduces pupils to culture and cultural events. Akzente Salzburg cooperates in lower secondary education with teachers in projects and activities:
  • Through the Youth Theatre programme, each year 20,000 theatre visits for pupils are arranged and meetings are organised with artists (cf. Educult, 2007, P. 252).
  • Akzente Salzburg provides teachers with topical information on music, theatre and modern art and advises teachers on subject specific issues and content.
  • A long term cooperation exists with the Salzburg Easter Festival. The project resulting in the production of "Carmen" will be specifically directed at lower secondary education.
  • Akzente Salzburg organises the Salzburg Regional Youth Orchestra. In cooperation with the Mozarteumorchester, Salzburg offers pupils with a musical aptitude the opportunity to play together with the professional orchestra.
  • The "musikmobil" project - a van filled with instruments - brings children of all ages closer to orchestral instruments. The "musikmobil" comes to the school on request.akzente.net and jugendinfo.akzente.net

Private NetworksPrivate networks also provide support for arts and cultural education. The 'Pro Arts School Initiative - PASI', Vienna, came into existence as a result of the "Linz09" European Capital of Culture. The website refers to an extensive list of supporters from the art scene.pasi.or.at