Amateur arts
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Non-formal education
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Creative activities and art production by persons who have not acquired formal education and training as artists (painters, sculptors, actors, musicians, dancers etc.), which is accessible to the public but not subject to the art market.

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Creative activities are favourite leisure time activities in Austria. Amateurkunst includes all kinds of artistic activities, be it visual arts, theatre, music, dance, film, new media or poetry and productions which are not intended for commercial purposes. However, in some contexts Amateurkunst stands synonymous for visual art by amateurs.
People who wish to share their production with the public show their work in exhibitions, perform on stages or engage in associations of amateur theatre, music, dance etc.. They are supported by education centres, regional cultural initiatives, communities or provincial governments. In terms of quality, amateur artist can reach professional level, especially in music and theatre. In many cases they form the core of cultural life in a region.
Courses in painting, photography, film making, dance, acting etc. are provided by adult education centres, youth centres, music schools and private tutors.
According to the provincial associations of amateur theatre, there are more than 1200 theatre groups in Austria, and according to the provincial associations of brass bands there are more than 880 brass bands active, most of them in the small rural communities.


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Non formal